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F-Stop Bags
There are a number of camera bag companies out there but very few offer the versatility that F-Stop backpacks do.Your camera equipment is safe in most bags yet those bags usually fail when it comes to comfort when needing to carry your gear in the field. F-Stop sponors our workshops allowing us a couple demo bags for partipants to test out. Discount for purchasing F-Stop gear will be 15%. 

Nik Software
The filters, b&w conversion, color enhancers and more. The tools they have in all their software bundles is endless and will open your doors to creating more unique and artful images than you may have thought possible. Discounts for any product you order with the code we provide will give you 15% off.

Photomatix (HDR Soft)
This program is easily the leader in HDR and automated multi exposure blending. Do you have it already but are finding the results less than satisfying? During our workshop we will have time to discuss and go over processing including this essential piece of software. Having this option along with manual blending in Photoshop allows for all options to be open for procesing those images into that final fine work of art. Discounts with the code we provide for this product will give you 15% off. http://www.hdrsoft.com/

Singh-Ray Filters
Chances are if you are into landscape photography and are reading this you may know of Singh-Ray or use their products already. They are a world leader in filters to help bring your photography to a whole new level. Depending on the scene these filters can be as important as the camera and lens itself, for without them capturing what the photographer has in mind might be difficult to impossible. Now I am sure some of you say it can be done in Photoshop, why use filters. It is true much can be done in post processing with tools like PS yet having filters is just one more option to have available in your "toolbox" when you go out shooting. Participants will get a discount of 10-15% on the products they purchase. If you don't know... Singh-Ray products rarely have a sale, this is a great price break. http://www.singh-ray.com/

Ensuring proper backup of your images today in the digital world is essential. With all the things that can go wrong with computers we know that redundancy is needed to keep our masterpieces we create, safe for years to come. One solution we use is the online company BackBlaze. Discounts with the code we provide for this product will give you 10% off. http://www.backblaze.com/